Releasing The Joyful Living Colouring Book into the world!

Why am I so happy? Because this marvellous magical thing, this colouring book that I got to draw, entirely full of things that delight me, is out in the world sharing its little joyful heart today.

The Joyful Living Colouring Book!

There is so much that I love about this.

  • Drawing has been absolutely crucial for me to find my way back to joy while living with metastatic breast cancer.
  • I love that since colouring can work like meditation, the thing that helps me just might help other people as a tool for mindfulness. How cool is that? 
  • I love the idea of a large-scale colouring collaboration with anybody who wants to participate.
  • I love how playful colouring is, and how democratic. The lines are only a suggestion.

Colouring just feels good, like drawing does. So I'm bursting with joy to see this book be released. I hope it delights you, too, if, say, you're partial to things like colouring, joy, mindfulness, kittens, whimsy, or dessert. Because life is for the living!

And the book itself is so beautiful! My wonderful publisher printed my drawings on gorgeous, thick, one-sided pages so you can use markers without worrying about bleed, and if you really like one, you can cut it out and put it up, or sew sequins on it, or give it as a birthday card! Or, of course, you can keep it intact, because it's hard to cut up books...but don't think you have to, because it's yours to have fun with! 

More information here:

The Joyful Living Colouring Book

xx Teva

P.S. I'm writing this from beautiful London, ON, where I had the distinct pleasure of talking to some of the brilliant SASAH students at Western yesterday, and I'm on a panel with the these incredible people: Mariko Tamaki and Diana Tamblyn on Sunday at Museum London at 3pm! Drop by, if you're in town!