Gratitudes from the Road

Can I tell you what an amazing time I'm having talking about and reading from my book in Alberta? 

Next I'm lucky enough to be going to the Vancouver Writers Fest, where I'll get to meet a whole mess more of interesting people. What a gift to hang out talking about ideas for hours!

I'm meeting and talking with so many amazing people, from the amazing people who come to listen, chat and buy books because they love a good one so much to the other incredible authors and illustrators, as well as the super-cool Calgary WordFest & LitFest Alberta in Edmonton. It's flying by, but I'm trying to really take in and savour every moment. I may have another book again, but I'll never have a first book again. What a thing!

It would be amazing to see you, if you're in Vancouver! I have two events, one where I'll read from my book and talk with Shaena Lambert. If you want to chat, we'll have more time to do so after this one:

I'm also really looking forward to being on this fantastic panel Learning from Life with three spectacular writers that I really admire, Noah Richler, Craig Davidson and Ivan Coyote, hosted by Andreas Schroeder:

I hope to see you there!